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BBQ Contests and Flea Market Finds

Parade in Photos
March 13, 2016
Listening Tour Launched in Doniphan County
May 10, 2016

Dr Eplee had the good fortune to see the BBQ contestants fire up their grills on Saturday night at the First Annual “Smoke on the River” BBQ competition in front of Chuck and Hanks restaurant on the Missouri river. And of course he returned Sunday AM to see how all the competitors came out in their fabulous BBQ meats. (see pic-sampling the tasty treat from Peoples’ choice BBQ-2nd place. 1st place was ‘ Up in Smoke’). While at the competition he connected with many of his patient’s ( all eating very appropriate small portions) and voters. He only regretted he did not get to be a judge to sample ALL the BBQ FREE!

Also on Sunday before church he had time to walk through the Kiwanis Mother’s Day Flea Market and see pretty amazing stuff for sale at amazing low prices. Again he visited with a great number of his many patients and friends. He found a brand new Rawling’s ball mitt for $8! The crowd was very large and excited by all the ‘deals’. Unfortunately the rain storms right after lunch shortened the event but it was great up until then.

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