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A Week of Exercise, Good News and Friends

National meeting 5/24-5/27
June 5, 2016
Doniphan County focuses on student achievement and business growth
June 25, 2016

Monday, after exercise class, I was greeted by this amazing sunrise as I cooled down in Veteran’s Park on the banks of the Missouri River. This sunrise was a good omen as the next day I would learn that I was the only Republican filed for district 63 for NE Ks. The filling deadline was noon the next day June 1st.

Then on Wednesday, June 1st, I was able to attend the Ks State GOP ‘Meet and Greet’ in Topeka, where I met a number of current legislators and lobbyists very interested in preparing all of us for the upcoming General Election in November.

That evening I hustled back to Atchison to participate in our Atchison Elks Club candidates forum. All local candidates were there and able to express items and concerns as they relate to platform issues in the coming election.

Then on Thursday, I was at Rotary and very happy to congratulate Tannah Taylor on receiving our most recent ‘Paul Harris Fellow’ award for our local club.

Pictured to the left are Tannah and her father, President Chris Taylor.
Thursday evening I traveled to Troy where I met with the Doniphan Co. GOP Committee at the invitation of John Smith, Chairman. I was able to meet with 20 interested Republicans. There was a great deal of interest over school finance and concerns for our rural districts. In addition, I learned about a special concern of the aqueduct that was briefly discussed at the last legislative session and discussed the findings of the A&M government efficiency study and the insurance disparities that were identified, not resolved yet.


Friday evening Debbie and I were able to attend First Friday’s on the Mall in Atchison.

It was a nice evening filled with great food, bargains, and high energy kid’s activities (bounce house, etc.)

I also saw a great number of my patients at First Friday’s. This is a pic of me with Katherine Riley’s family.  I delivered the oldest ( to my left in the pic)!


We made sure to get hydrated at Paolucci’s outside bar, then Debbie listened to the concerns of Finn Clements at First Friday’s.

Concerns Hydrated



sutherlandlossenThen Saturday Morning I made it back up to Troy to check out all the bargains and great food at the Picker’s Market at the Clary Community Center in Troy. Again I saw some old friends –Margaret Sutherland (left photo) and Susan Losson pictured here at her booth.







Then I hustled back to Atchison for the ribbon cutting of the new Children’s Library at The Atchison Public Library, Saturday at 10 A. This is a great addition to the Library of 400K in additions that are very ‘kid-centric’ including age appropriate furniture, play stations, a bird display, and interactive books.










Pictured here is Gary Landeck, director with board members preparing to cut the ribbon.  Right after the ribbon cutting I was able to congratulate Gary Landeck and Liz Lane.  I also got to say ‘hello’ to Casey and Joe Quinn and their sons Eli and Cruz at the ribbon cutting.

And finally this Sunday June 5th our church moved it’s weekly service to Bromley Park for a picnic and outdoor church. This was a real break in our Presbyterian tradition! But the weather was perfect, the fellowship uplifting, and the food great!

bromley-1 bromley-2

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