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Elwood, Wathena, and finally a pic of one of the original Troy Clinic staff
July 13, 2016
John Eplee, MD
Yard Signs
August 4, 2016

It truly was a busy week of ongoing campaign activities!  On Thursday evening, 7/14, Dr. Eplee and his wife were able to attend Grandfather Earhart’s Ice Cream Social at St Mark’s Lutheran Church.  There was a great crowd on hand. He heard from many voters about their concerns over the state budget and schools in the future. Many other candidates were in attendance.  The rhubarb pie was the best!!

IMG_1479 (1)

On Friday morning after exercise class, Dr. Eplee was greeted with an amazing sunrise in Veteran’s Park in Atchison. Perhaps it was a good omen of a great Amelia Earhart celebration for the coming weekend!  It was also the half way point of Dr. Eplee’s campaign to become your State Representative from District 63!


On Friday evening, Dr. Eplee attended ‘LakeFest’ at Warnock Lake.  It was a beautiful evening for the thousands of attendees.  The performances of RaeLynn and Frankie Ballard were great.  For about 2 hours before the performance, he was able greet folks as they entered, giving out ‘Eplee Koozies’ to help keep their drinks cool at the concert.  Pictured here is Crystal Lanter, whom Dr. Eplee delivered, getting her koozie as she walks in.


On Saturday, Dr. Eplee attended RMLS candidate school in Overland Park, and was fortunate enough to hear Representative Kevin Yoder of KC, Ks give a talk on messaging in a campaign.  This was a great opportunity for anyone seeking public office.


On Saturday afternoon, Dr. Eplee got home early enough to hand out free water bottles with his fishing friend, Ken Shrage, to parched attendees of Amelia Earhart Festival.  They gave out about 250 bottles in the afternoon. With Rick Berger’s help, they handed out another 150 water bottles at the fireworks display on Saturday night.


Pictured below are Dr. Eplee and his wife Debbie in front of the Amelia Earhart museum on Saturday evening just before the fireworks.  This VIP function is sponsored by Exchange Bank and heavily attended.  Debbie works as a docent at the museum.  Notice my POWERCAT chairs!

Water bottles
Finally to finish out the week, the always fabulous fireworks display to culminated the 20th anniversary of the big Amelia Earhart Festival weekend here in Atchison!


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