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Swearing In
January 15, 2017
Busy 3rd Week in Topeka
January 29, 2017

Dr Eplee has been appointed to 4 committees this session including Taxation, Health and Human 

Services, Insurance, and Financial Institutions/Retirement (KPERS). Pictured above is Shawn Sullivan presenting Governor Brownback’s Budget proposal in tax committee this past Wednesday 1/11. Representative Eplee is currently working on up to 5 pieces of legislation to come up through various committees. More on this to come at a later post. 

Many groups meet at the Capitol to get their agenda presented in a big way. Here the Kansan’s for Action Coalition had a lengthy program in the rotunda with various speakers discussing the Governor’s Budget proposals, etc. I believe over 1000 attendees were present in The Capitol on Wednesday. Advocacy in action! I met with several of them and listened to their concerns and ideas. 

This last pic is from the state Soy Bean Association Luncheon/Banquet on Wednesday noon to update soy bean farmers from across the state on the status of all farm commodities-but esp soybea. The key note speaker gave an excellent update on the status of Kansas water conservation as it relates to the Ogallala aquifer, and the positive impact new technology is having on water conservation. Don’t worry there was no meaningful discussion on an aqueduct from NE Ks to SW Ks. John did get to say ‘Hi” to Brett Neibling (Democrat nominee against Dr Eplee) from Highland in attendance. As a legislator, you literally have functions such as this to attend very frequently. It goes with the job. Please be advised John will always try to give weekly updates. It’s going to get interesting now! 

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